Back, Neck, and Spine Health

At Nucare Therapy, non-surgical treatment options ensure that you can recover from back, neck, and spine pain without a long recovery or the anxiety attached to an invasive surgery.

Our Spine Care Program assesses each patient before recommending care, hoping to avoid surgery except in the most severe cases.

Comprehensive Assessment Procedures

You and your doctor receive a mechanical assessment and treatment plan that includes advanced diagnostics. We explain a treatment program that is helpful for both non-surgical care and surgial recovery when needed. When we create a customized treatment plan for you, we hope to reduce pain and prevent complications.

Our Mission at Nucare Therapy

Our mission at Nucare Therapy is to help you:

  • Uncover the source of your back, neck, and spine pain
  • Improve your functional capacity in spine
  • Reduce pain and identify painful or ineffective motion
  • Promote independence and at-home care

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