Pre and Post Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation

At Nucare Therapy, we understand that you want to expedite your recovery, reduce pain, and ensure that your physical therapy starts immediately. At Nucare Therapy, we ensure that you receive the services you require and feel your best as quickly as possible.

Pre-Surgical Therapy Matters

Physical therapy has always been part of the post-surgical treatment for most patients, but we also offer preparation before surgery to ensure you can recover faster.

When we offer pre-surgical care, we ensure that you reduce anxiety, tension, and pain prior to your procedure. Your quality of life changes before the surgery, and you recover much faster afterwards.

Preparing for Surgery Today

You can start planning for surgery today when you reach out to our compassionate and professional team Nucare Therapy. We take the frustration out of physical therapy and surgical recovery. Call us at 313-362-6682 or contact us onlne for more information.